Kate and the Caspellwynds

I started to show English Setters in 1995. My affix "Caspellwynd" comes from my family surname "Caspell" - a rarely heard of surname of which I am very proud. To date there have been seven Caspellwynds.

Shelley (Wynacre Summersong at Caspellwynd)

                 BIS ESS of Scotland Open 1998


Pepper (Calmerell Desert Orchid at Caspellwynd)

                 BIS St Andrews and Cupar 2000         BIS Tayside Lochee 2001


Buddy (Wansleydale Heartbeat for Caspellwynd)

                Brodie, Buddy, Deacon, Shelley, Pepper

Brodie (Mariglen Caught in the Act at Caspellwynd Sh CM)

Deacon (Mariglen Eye of the Storm Over Caspellwynd)

                 RBIS ESS of Scotland Open 2003

Tearlach (Mariglen Knight to Remember in Caspellwynd Sh CM)

                   BIS ESS of Scotland  Open 2007

               Brodie, Tearlach, Deacon, Pepper

 Rudi (Swannery Valentino's Legacy to Caspellwynd Sh CM)

             RCC SKC 2009